• Spiritual Mayan Ceremonies

    A symbolic wedding, a spiritual and sacred ritual where the couple exchanges vows, performed by a Mayan Shaman in his native language.

  • Architecture is inhabited sculpture

    Casa Estrella, the intimate house in the Mayan jungle

  • Design is a journey of discovery

    One of our Premium suite


    – Uknown

  • Movement is the medicine for creating change in person’s physical, emotional, and mental states

    Winner of La Calma Triathlon 2015

  • Just breathe. You’ll never live this moment again.

    Surfing the waves on Xcacel beach

  • Directing the mind to stay in the present can be a formidable task

    Spiritual development in our yoga studio in the middle of Mayan jungle

Unique place for exceptional people

Our mission is to inspire visitors from all over the world to stop, breath and enjoy the beauty of nature. It may be challenging to stay in the middle of Mayan jungle without wi-fi, cable TV, hairdryer, air-con, and prefabricated meals. Many people still want to see as many sightseeings as possible in few days, expect perfect organization, no delays, not too hot or not too cold weather, no rain, and no mosquitos. We cannot promise all of that but we are committed to deliver the best service in the jungle so you will truly enjoy staying with us!

We are often visited by the leaders in their field like top managers, entrepreneurs, film directors, actors or singers, professional photographers, passionate divers, active yoga practitioners, and independent travelers.

We strongly believe that we do not need too many things to fully enjoy the life. Our mission is to remind you how easy your life could be if you go simple and focus on what is important to your body and mind.

  • Off the beaten track

    We are more close to birds, coatis, butterflies, beautiful trees & flowers, orchids, iguanas, and foxes than to bars, music clubs, and busy streets. We invite independent travelers and provide transportation for groups.

  • Part of Mayan community

    The whole project has been created with the goal to touch the local Mayan community and wild nature as less as possible. Everything was built by Mayan hands without any help of electricity or any heavy machinery.

  • Long-term sustainability

    The electricity is generated from the solar energy using photovoltaic panels, water is pumped from own boreholes. We use biodegradable materials whenever possible, the waste is filtered and cleaned in its own biodigestores and sewages. There is no undesirable waste, the house is fully self-sufficient and is not contaminating the land.

  • Meals from natural and local ingredients

    Our meals are always fresh and of the best quality. Our vegetarian, vegan and even raw meals are highly appreciated by all type of guests from all over the world. We can also cook fish and meat for you likings.

  • We will always stay small

    Very limited capacity offers maximum privacy and anonymity.

  • Disconnected

    Do not miss the single moment by reading your e-mails, messages or updating your facebook profile. If it is necessary,  there are many options in Tulum to do so. Give our contacts to your relatives or friends to contact us in case of emergency.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Team

Our goal is not only to provide the perfect accommodation but also a new experience and maybe to inspire you for further development of your body and mind.



La Calma owner

David helps you realize your dreams - ask him for booking, transports, car rental or ask any question regarding staying with us. He is fluent in Czech and English.



Casa Estrella owner

Kristyna is the manager of Casa Estralla, 100% focus on customer satisfaction, very friendly and helpful in every situation. She is also professional photographer, so do not hesitate to ask for great pictures!



Master Chef

Svatka will take care of you throughout your stay in La Calma. She is great cook, practices yoga, loves biking and freediving. She is able to arrange many activities from massages, cave diving to traditional Mayan temazcal. She is fluent in Czech, Spanish, and English.



Head of Maintenance

Eqi helped build the whole house, palapa, and yoga studio. He knows everything to the last screw, can repair everything and be wherever it is needed. He speaks Spanish and Mayan.



Facility manager

If something breaks down, Peter can fix it! He is passionate about good music and living in the jungle!



Cooking & guest services

Lucie is the new member of our team. She helps Svatka with preparation of delicious meals and take care about our guests. She speaks Czech, English and Spanish.



Carpenter and maintenance

Hilario is a master of wood, he builds and repairs palapas and helps with all renovations and modifications in the house. Hilario is also a beekeeper, so he supplies us with homemade honey right from the jungle!



Fitness trainer

Lucie is a certified fitness trainer and can be your guide to perfect body with a strong emphasis on proper technique and posture. Lucie loves zumba, fitdance, TRX, and exercise with overballs.

If you are interested in staying with us or have any question, do not hesitate to aks!

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